Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Part of Party Don't You Understand

Day 5 - Meschebbie's Magical Mystery Tour

We started the day early as usual to make a trip back to Dolly Python because we had been told that they would be having a flea market in the parking lot.  Great stuff!!!!  Great prices!!!!  We picked up several treasures here including an old suitcase and birdcage for Mattie, more keys and little glass bottles.  Debbie also found some keepers including a fantastic mirror which features a crown and two unicorns - can't wait to see what she does with that!

Next we planned to head back to Deep Ellum to take some pics of these cool silver birds but found ourselves  in Highland Park at, can you believe it, a park.  We stopped so we could take pictures.  Debbie really enjoyed the photo shoot and I've included some of the pictures.  I joke about her big girl camera but seriously she is an amazing photographer!  While she took pictures, I enjoyed some much needed chilaxin' watching the ducks - oh, yeah, did I mention there was also a gorgeous lake, well maybe a creek?

 There is just something about spending time in nature especially in the Spring - it has healing powers!  Wordsworth wrote "Revisiting the natural beauty of the Wye fills the poet with a sense of "tranquil restoration".  This is so true.  I really enjoyed a sense of renewal watching and listening to the gentle ripple of the water as the ducks skimmed easily over the glass lake.  But I digress .......

We said farewell to the beauty of the little park, our nice surprise for the day, and set out to find the Swiss Avenue Historic District which was one of the first swanky neighborhoods in Dallas.

The street was lined with gorgeous old mansions in several different styles.  The neighborhood began in the early 1900's.  It was fun to see the different styles and unique characteristics of the stately homes.  

Next, we headed back home to pick up Mattie for lunch.  We decided to try another "best of Dallas" - The Grape which is said to have the best cheeseburger.  It's located in Uptown, a neighborhood that we now know well.  The street is lined with restaurants with outside dining and the patios were full of spring-loving diners enjoying the sun and conversation.  We noticed however, that The Grape was not crowded, in fact the closer we got the more empty it appeared. Well, I'm sure you have guessed that it was closed - closed on Saturday?  We were hungry so we just decided to try the Blue Goose next door.  This eatery turned out to be mexican food and as luck would have it they were serving Brunch.  Mattie and I took advantage of this and had Eggs Benedict and Migas respectfully.  Debbie had Quesadillas.

It was nice to visit with Mattie and hear about her trip to California.
Next we headed to Frisco for a visit to a huge Asian Market.  Mattie was able to pick up some spices for a dish that she wanted to make and Debbie and I collected some Asian newspapers for use in art projects so the drive to Frisco was worth it.  Next we went to a huge DSW so Debbie could do a little shoe shopping. As I said the store was huge and was decorated with a shoe chandelier.
Well, sadly our shopping trip has come to an end but we have some great memories, new fave shops, and tons of treasures.  In my next few posts I will let you in on some of our goodies and what we plan to do with them.  We also want to thank Pink for the inspiration for our daily titles.  Tomorrow we head home but who knows what adventures we may encounter along the way so stay tuned!  I'll leave you with a funny little story.  Debbie was taking a picture of one of the shops and two men yelled at her, "miss, miss" and posed wanting to have their picture taken so of course she did.  Little things like that have just made us laugh and smile this week.  We're anxious to hear your comments and maybe your spring break adventures or your fave vintage or thrift shops!

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