Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 1 - Raise Your Glass

Day 1 of Meschebbie's Magical Mystery Tour!

On the road by 6:50AM!  I know, I know, why would we insist on getting up early during Spring Break - cuz we have things to do and places to be! 
First stop - Cafe Cappuccino in Waco for breakfast.  Huge pancakes - if you're ever through Waco be sure to check it out.

We hit Big D around 10am and headed straight downtown to The Old Red Courthouse where a huge tourist's information center is located.  We picked up tons of brochures as if we had never been to Dallas before :) 

Next we headed across the street to the 6th Floor Museum - very interesting.  Also a visit to the grassy knoll.

Debbie standing on the spot where JFK was shot.

 Ok, now to the SHOPPING!  We dropped our stuff off at Mattie's apartment - multiple trips up the three flights of stairs!  It looked like we were moving in - I guess you could say we are both pretty high maintenance.  Next we headed to Lower Greenville Ave., known for it's bohemian vibe.  On the way we stopped at a cute little taco stand which happened to be in a very seedy part of town.  While waiting for our tacos I watched a drug deal go down - what luck!!!!!
On to Greenville.  Some of the shops we wanted to visit weren't open so we'll have to go back.  We did visit The Shining - very cool, lots of unique jewelry and stuffed mice.  Debbie fell in love with this little angel mouse.  A short walk, actually a few steps, next door to We Are 1976, another cool shop with original artwork, books, jewelry and odds and ends. 
Next, across the street to Again Design Studio, lots of mid century modern furniture, beautiful antique chandeliers and re-purposed furniture. The most amazing thing about this shop is the bathroom.
 A short drive and we arrive at Dolly Python - OMG - I've never seen so much stuff - vintage clothing, old records, and alot of other very fabulous finds.  We only had an hour before closing time and we spent every minute - as in the guy followed us out the door to lock it up.  We made a few nice vintage purchases.

We plan to go back on Saturday morning for a Bizarre Bazaar (flea market) in the parking lot!  Finally, we headed to T.J. Max on Preston looking for purses, etc.  With hurting feet we stopped at Kroger for a few snacks and headed back to the apartment - another trip up the stair,s both of us looking like pack mules - no way we were making more than one trip.  Awww, settled in to watch Glee, luckily Mattie had taped it, with wine, cheese, bread,etc.  A great first day!


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