Friday, March 18, 2011

We'll Never Be Anyting But Loud

Day 3  - Meschebbie's Magical Mystery Tour

Day 3 was delightful.  We started the day with what was advertised as an estate sale.  It turned out to be a warehouse where a guy sells the junk (that's a good thing) he has bought from storage units gone bad.  What a treasure trove although our hands were filthy by the time we got through digging.

 Here is our stack of treasures.  Quite a haul for $42! Nice and dirty we now headed for the Arts District and arrived at the DMA, that's Dallas Museum of Art for the uninitiated, about 10 minutes before it opened so we walked across the street to the Trammel Crow Building.  Debbie had been before but it was my first time - AMAZING!!!  They have a huge collection of Asian art and it's free! 

This is outside the Trammel Crow building.  I love taking pics of Deb taking pics :)

Next we walked back to the DMA and decided to split up and go at our own pace.  Tons of pics here and I'm sure Debbie will share these on facebook; I'll provide a link later.

 Because we are not huge party animals, um let me rephrase that, because we should not be huge party animals, we decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a late lunch at The Old Monk, a cool Irish Pub in the oh so hip Knox-Henderson area.  We were not disappointed.  We tried some Irish beer and Debbie had Shepherd's Pie and I had Fish and Chips.  YUM-O!!! 
Debbie just had to take a pic of these lads and they quickly posed in their St. Patty's hats.  We were tempted to stay another hour for the Irish dancers but opted to find a shop we had read about and Debbie had been to before called Junkadoodle.  What a wonderful shop - some really nice things but tons of cheap things waiting for a little love and elbow grease.  I scored an amazing poster book of Ladies Home Journal reproductions for only $8!!!  I may frame these for my downstairs bathroom or use them as inspiration for my new guest bedroom.  By the time we finished in Junkadoodle, it was 6:00pm but we decided to go the short drive to Dallas' famous Salvation Army store on Inwood and Harry Hines.  What a find.  Debbie bought a few things, including a gift for her son and daughter-in-law.  I didn't buy anything here but when I'm ready to buy furniture this is where I'll come.  Gorgeous antiques for amazing prices.

Don't you just love it when pure bliss just falls intp your lap!  That's exactly what happened as we were making our way to DSW shoes (which we never made it to).  I spied a sign that said Wine Chocolate Bliss - well to say the least Debbie just about stopped traffic to turn around and head back.  Chocolate Secrets turned out to be the most charming Uptown shop with coffee, tea, wine, and of course the most heavenly chocolate.  We split what they call a wine and chocolate pairing which included a glass of wine and chocolates.  The shop guy was great and helped us pick out wine and chocolates.  Yes it was pure bliss.
  Next, we headed home.  More pics and shop reviews to come.  Let me leave you with the best quote of the day from Debbie, "I yield for pedestrians, but only ones with brains."  Yep, Dallas driving at it's best!


  1. Looka like a blast. Can't wait to see how you have used these goodies in your house.