Monday, June 30, 2014

Why Stampin' Up! (Part 4)

Happy Monday!  At last, the final chapter in my little story.  I hope at least some of you have enjoyed it.  I think it has been a bit therapeutic for me, but I promise in future posts not to be quite as introspective and actually provide you with some useful information.

Although I wasn’t scrapbooking for several years I continued to stamp.  I loved making cards and other gifts for people.  During this time, I dabbled with another company – Stampin’ Up!, which I believe is the best rubberstamping company in existence.   The stamps are awesome and their system of color coordination among ink, markers, paper, ribbon, and embellishments is wonderful.  I was also working at the time and once again gave up this endeavor due to a lack of time.

At this point, the setting will change.  Fast forward several years and a move across the country.  I once again wanted to work from home and tried a short stint with a skin care company and while I loved the products, my heart just wasn’t in it.  I also started a teaching job but had to quit due to medical issues once again.  So here we are at the present time and finally I am getting to the question of why I have become a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.  After explaining my history with scrapbooking and rubberstamping, I hope that question is easy to answer.  No other occupation – and I have tried several – has meant so much to me.  This is something that I love, that I am passionate about, and that I believe in.  Especially with our present age of technology – a handmade, handwritten card can mean so much to a friend or family member.  Through this hobby, ( I hate to call it that but to call it a way of life seems a little overdramatic), once again I hope to inspire others and watch them experience the friends that can be made and the lives that can be changed through scrapbooking, rubberstamping, and expressing oneself through art.

So there you have – not quite in a nutshell – my heart and desire to return to my first love.

Coming up - my next few posts will be about our adventures as my best friend, Debbie, visits for two weeks.  

We always have a great time together and love to share things that we find.  You will also be graced by her photography.  I will share with you the places we visit, the projects we attempt, and who knows what else.  If you want a sneak peak of how we roll, read my posts from one of our junking trips to Dallas here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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