Monday, September 7, 2009

Charming Long Weekend

It's almost time to turn in after the long Labor Day weekend. The Bartlett-Stokes House saw a charming three days and I am refreshed and almost ready to go back to work. Saturday was spent writing and passing out flyers for a youth party but the best part of the day was when we got some much needed rain. The University of Texas played football and as much as I wanted to watch I wanted to go to bed early more so I left everyone downstairs and retired to my comfy bed and watched the movie Never Been Kissed which I have seen several times but always enjoy. Sunday morning was the first Sunday for the new 7th graders to be in our class so we had breakfast for them. We had 9 in attendance counting Rick, Mattie and me. Following church Mattie came to the house for dinner and we had a nice visit with her then back to doing some writing and even some time playing around with different stamping techniques. Sunday night we had a party for the youth - I am really trying to get used to Jr. High kids! Today we had coffee on the front porch for quite a while and then went to Salado and my sweet husband let me do a little treasure hunting in a couple of antique shops. One was a new one which turned out to be overpriced which is common in Salado but the other one had some bargains as usual. It is off the main street in Salado on the frontage road of the highway and has to be my favorite. It is set up like an antique mall in that individual dealers can rent a space for their items. I think it is even called the Salado Antique Mall. I found a little china creamer that matches some other pieces I have, 2 darling children's aprons which I plan to use in my redecorating of Mattie's room, a tall china vase, a pretty hankie and a little picture in a white frame of a french woman which I also plan to use in Mattie's room. The rest of today was spent going through some of my old Christmas magazines looking for ideas for homemade cards, gifts and decorations. So as I said it was quite a charming weekend. I hope yours was nice as well!


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