Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday At Home

Parade, roasted corn, marching bands, arts and crafts, friends: just another day in a small town. Our little town celebrated it's annual festival today, Friendshipfest. This marks our first year here and we are loving life in this small town. I plan to write an article on today's activities on hubpages so stay tuned!

We are almost through pulling down wallpaper upstairs and then we'll start scraping the popcorn ceiling and repairing the cracks in the plaster before we paint. Actually, Rick is doing all of this but I am definately supervising. The way it works around our house is I start a project and then he finishes it. I have a bad case of procrastination for everything except writing and shopping.

We are also making some headway on the cottage and plan to have the first phase finished by Christmas. We have had great weather here this past week and today was no exception.

In other news, I have just become the Paper Crafts Editor for Bellaonline!

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